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The Basics and Benefits of Bio-Scan Technology

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July 15, 2020

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A new testing procedure, a Bio-Scan plays a large role in any individual’s journey towards optimum wellness. While it doesn’t diagnose, treat, or cure specific illnesses and conditions, it can provide detailed insights into the state and functionality of your organs and identify the root causes of various conditions. 

What Does a Bio-Scan Interpret?

A varied and versatile survey into your bodily functions, a Bio-Scan takes a closer look at your overall wellness and, if needed, specific body systems. Considered a world-class faction of electrical engineering, Bio-Scanning helps your healthcare provider identify underperforming organs and systems, allowing them to take quick action before a possible diagnosis is determined. In being able to determine the origins of any given condition, you, along with your GP can make more informed decisions regarding your health. 

When Should You Consider Getting a Bio-Scan?

In most cases, diseases are most preventable when they’re detected early. Even before experiencing any symptoms, undergoing a Bio-Scan is a great way to determine the conditions of your body and how well they’re functioning. By singling out at-risk body systems, you can implement healthcare solutions that correct abnormalities, enhance your physical condition, and prevent any potential diseases from developing. 

What Are the Benefits of a Bio-Scan?

Easy to incorporate into an annual or bi-annual medical check-up, Bio-Scanning can be used to monitor the effectiveness of various treatment methods and whether or not patients need to pursue a different program. Among the other advantages of Bio-Scanning are: 

  • Adaptability: Whether making general or specific observations about the body, Bio-Scanning can be tweaked to fulfill specific requirements regarding lab work, sports health, nutrition, and psychology studies. 
  • Quickness of Use and Reliability: As a machine that provides immediate results, Bio-Scanning can give healthcare providers a closer look at any existing health risk factors that include pathological disorders (i.e. irregular heartbeats), stress levels, a lack of physical training, and chronic vegetative imbalances. 
  • ECG Compatibility: Bio-Scans can reveal ventricular and supraventricular extrasystoles.
  • Assessing Stress: Physical and mental stress can often be difficult to measure but are made tangible with a Bio-Scan. 
  • Assessing Cardiovascular Fitness: If your personal fitness levels are below satisfactory, a Bio-Scan can tell you so.
  • Determining Health Risks Early: As with any condition, identifying early signs can help mitigate or avoid consequences. 
  • Assessing Pulse Wave Velocity: If you’re experiencing aortic stiffness, a Bio-Scan can indicate whether you might be at risk of cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, low blood circulation, or if any current diseases are progressing. 
  • Prevention: A Bio-Scan’s unique selling point lies in being able to provide early indications of health risks and quick detection of underlying conditions before the onset.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Full medical checkups that involve a roster of tests can be far more expensive than simply undergoing a Bio-Scan, which can detect multiple conditions at once. 


A Bio-Scan is a type of physical survey that the body answers for you. In taking one, you get a better idea of your physical health through the perspective of your inner workings. 

We listen to what your body has to say. Using advanced European technology, we’re able to identify potential problems with your bodily functions and consider how best to treat them. Need a wellness check-in Surrey, BC? Call us up today! 

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