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Developing a Wellness Plan to Ease Symptoms of Depression

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February 6, 2021

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Providing relief for the symptoms of depression is much easier in theory than it is in practice. Fortunately, there are methods to make this easier. Developing a wellness plan can prevent depressive episodes from starting or worsening, and it also helps you recognize depressive symptoms to encourage healthy coping skills. Supporting individuals with depression involves providing them with the tools and resources to keep the symptoms at bay and live a healthy life. Here’s how that can be done with a wellness program.

Recognize Warning Signs

Severe depression is entirely preventable, but only if one can recognize the warning signs early on. Catching a mood, trigger, or situation that indicates an episode’s development is key to managing the symptoms later on. For instance, some people may start to sleep much longer because they feel exhausted with no explanation. This is usually accompanied by a reduced interest in socializing and doing everyday activities.

Use Your Unique Coping Strategies

It might seem rudimentary to list down what you can do to avoid the feelings of depression when they creep in, but writing it down is the best way to concretize the actions you can take. Even if it seems superficial, like treating yourself to a new lipstick or getting that extra plate of sushi, anything that makes you feel better without resorting to maladaptive behaviours should be encouraged.

Something worth remembering is going back to the basics: hydration, good food, high-quality sleep, simple physical activity, and medication. It is often the most difficult thing to keep up with when you’re depressed, but sticking to these necessary measures can be extremely effective.

Socialize, Even If You Don’t Want To

This is usually the last thing that anybody wants to do in the middle of a depressive episode, but socializing is often healthy for such individuals. The difficult part is getting dressed and setting a foot out the door. While you’re in the early stages of a depression, make it a point to schedule meetups with friends in a way that is easiest for you. Perhaps they can pass by your apartment with some takeout that you both love. You could even go for a walk in the park to enjoy an easy afternoon together with no added pressure to socialize beyond the occasional chat. Being with people will dispel the feelings of isolation that depression tends to feed on.

Get Physical

A recurring health tip you’ll see for many conditions is to get some exercise, and depression is no exception. Exercise is extremely beneficial to your mental health by improving self-esteem and cognitive function, not to mention the influx of ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins.

Sleep Adequately

Bad sleeping habits are a sure-fire way to make a depressive episode worse. Sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health. The National Sleep Foundation has also shown that people with insomnia have a risk of developing depression tenfold compared to those who sleep adequately.

Reduce Time Spent on Social Media

It’s been said before, and there is certainly some truth to it: social media is toxic. This has been backed up by research that shows how social media can contribute to low self-esteem and depression. It also has addictive characteristics, which are not helpful to people going through a bout of depression. Strike a balance between using socials to connect with friends and family and filtering out all the unnecessary negativity.

The Bottom Line: Getting Expert Advice

Even with a wellness plan, depressive symptoms may still persist. In times of trouble, the best way to alleviate the worst symptoms of depression is with the help of certified experts. Individuals dealing with this condition can reach out to Health Optimizing Langley, which offers methods that ease depression, anxiety, and Hashimoto disease symptoms. People with depression should also keep the contact information of crisis hotlines well within reach. By walking into a depressive episode prepared, there are greater chances of reducing its severity. Sometimes this difference is all it takes to save a life.

If you’ve ever wondered what a bioscan is and how it can help conditions like depression, then Health Optimizing Langley could be the right place for you. We measure cell activity and inflammation responses to aid in the alleviation of depressive and anxious symptoms. Book an appointment with us today for depression care in Surrey.

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