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A Look at Biochemical Individuality and Why It Matters for Wellbeing

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November 19, 2020

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Wellness programs are essential in today’s world, as the increasing demand for better health and lifestyle improvements are now a standard. With medical technologies improving and tons of research being done to find the right mix to help people gain a better standard of living, the future of humanity is in good hands. Many people still need to put in the legwork to live healthier lifestyles, proving to help treat illnesses like Hashimoto disease and other mental health issues.

An issue that many have with wellness programs is when these are not centred around biochemical individuality. As humans, we may have similar makeups with some people, but ultimately, each person is unique in terms of genetic structure and overall build quality. It is why workout plans don’t always work for many people, especially when they are cookie-cutter in nature. People have their individuality that requires a unique set of assistive methods to get the results they want and need.

Biochemical Individuality

The reason why biochemical individuality has to be considered when it comes to wellness programs and health is that humans are a product of various phases of evolution. This evolution is heavily based on the environmental situations of the locations humans lived in the past. You will often notice that Asians, in general, are shorter compared to Caucasians or even those of African descent. With specific genetic makeup, people have different requirements when it comes to healthcare and wellbeing.

Additionally, each human that varies in size has a different weight, organ sizes, build types, and many other things that play into their dietary or health needs. In other words, sustaining life for a tall person will often require more food and water to be healthy.

It also pays to consider outliers, as some individuals can have physical and mental anomalies that set them apart from the usual suspects. While larger individuals generally have bigger stomachs, some specific people have a stomach that can hold over six times the amount of food than the average individual. This stomach size is how hotdog eating champions like Kobayashi can wolf down food despite having a light frame. Some people also have larger organs or even stronger muscles and can generate excessive amounts of hormones that make them powerful athletes.

Why This Matters

This nature of the human body makes it difficult to administer cookie-cutter wellness programs to assist in treatment for individuals who suffer from medical conditions. The cellular breakdown of a person can say a lot about what a person needs in a program accessible via bioscans. Bioscans in Surrey can help find a path to better mental and physical well-being, as the cellular breakdown of a person is considered to tailor-fit a program.

Modern medicine has evolved significantly into the fields of mental health to supplement overall physical care. It pays to look at customized programs for each individual to find out how to stop anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses from taking over. Mental health is a struggle that never has a single solution, and each person’s battle with it will require them to find something that works best for their unique needs.


With each human bringing unique traits to the table, a one-size-fits-all method is likely not the best way to solve pressing health issues that stem from physical to mental wellbeing. Therefore, wellness programs must always consider each person’s unique struggles and conditions to help find ways to treat them properly. Discovering these can be done via modern technologies like bioscans and other new-era medical technologies, making 2020 such a great time to be alive.

Health Optimizing Langley offers bioscans in Surrey, British Columbia using state-of-the-art technologies that measure individual cell activities and bodily responses. With cutting-edge methods that assist in finding ways to help people recover from Hashimoto disease, depression, and anxiety, we can help find a wellness program for you. Contact us to know more about how we can help you today!

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